Tecnel TE7636 Universal Dimmer 230V with Memory

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Brand: Tecnel
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Tecnel TE7636 - Universal Dimmer 230V for LED, Fluorescent, Halogen, Incandescent Lamps

Max Load:
400W incandescent and halogen lamps
100W LED and Fluorescent Lamps
Electronic / inductive / lamellar transformers 300W

Universal electronic regulator TE7636 for the regulation of LED, Fluorescent, Halogen, Incandescent lamps. Equipped with adjustment memory function (it is possible to exclude it). Power supply voltage 230Vca 50Hz. Complies with EMC regulations and LV - CE directives. Dimensions 45x45x20mm

Electronic device for universal installation in fruit boxes or junction boxes. The device must be combined with a button (for example this one) following the diagram in the dimmer leaflet.
Warning! before using it for the first time, place the switches in the position indicated in the information sheet, according to the load to be dimmed

The TE7636 device adjusts the lamp by means of the button associated with it. By pressing the button, it acts like a switch, turning the lamp off and on. By keeping the button pressed, the TE7636 dimmer cyclically adjusts the intensity of the lamp, in a gradual "soft" manner. The TE7636 device is equipped with a memory, that is, after making the adjustment, if the lamp is turned off, it keeps the adjustment made at the next start.


Technical datasheet


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