Hom-io MOD-SWITCH - Smart switch 1 channel 10A

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Hom-io MOD-SWITCH - Smart switch 1 channel 10A


Hom-io smart WiFi module dedicated to light points, dimmer function and minimum lighting adjustment that can be set directly from the Hom-io app. Thanks to this module, you can control and dim the light points. Hom-io WiFi switch module for controlling lighting and devices. Equipped with clean contact, it allows you to drive high or low voltage loads also thanks to the 10 Ampere of supported current.

Very convenient for opening gates or irrigation systems. The integration into the Hom-io solution does not place limits on home automation functions.

1.Work with Amazon Alexa / Echo Dot and Google home.

2. Manage your devices via your mobile phone with Hom-io app.

3. Smart scheduling - The WIFI Switch module can create multiple scenarios to turn on / off other devices connected to the Hom-io home automation.

Module reset - After turning off the light, press the traditional switch to turn on / off (ON-OFF-ON-OFF) for 5 times or more until you hear alternating tones (keep the time interval not too short)


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