Tecnel TE7637 - POWER DIMMER LED 4÷400W 230Vac in Trailing edge for LED lamps and LED STRIP 230Vac dimmable

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Tecnel TE7637 - POWER DIMMER LED 4÷400W 230Vac in Trailing edge for LED lamps and LED STRIP 230Vac dimmable

Mosfet Power Dimmer LED code TE7637 for dimming dimmable loads in Trailing Edge (End Phase or Descending Phase) such as dimmable 230Vac LED and STRIP LED lamps, dimmable electronic transformers + LV LEDs. dimm or Halogen BT, CV STRIP LED DIMTRI power supplies, CC DIM TRI LED driver and resistive type. Power supply voltage 230Vac 50Hz. Compliant with the EMC directive and the BT directive

Power Dimmer LED 4÷400W 230Vac for installation in standardized flush-mounting fruit holder boxes and in junction boxes. It should be used in dry and dust-free places at temperatures between -5°C and +30°C. The particular technology used guarantees the complete absence of acoustic hum. It is suitable for regulating LED loads, RESISTIVE loads, CV-DIMTRI power supplies and CC-DIMTRI drivers as per attached table C, powered directly at 230Vac 50Hz with 4÷400W power. Switching on and off always take place gradually using the "soft-start" and "soft-down" functions. The switching on, off and regulation of the controlled load are carried out by acting on the extender buttons, all referred to the Phase or all referred to the Neutral. The load is switched on and off by means of short duration pulses. Keeping one of the control buttons pressed, the brightness level increases until reaching the maximum. By repeating this command, the brightness level goes down until it reaches the Minimum. For correct no-flickering operation, it may be necessary to carry out the Calibration of the Minimum Illumination level. Calibration is carried out with the blade of a small screwdriver acting on the preset trimmer. Use one of the control buttons to bring the brightness to the minimum value and only then turn the trimmer clockwise to set the most suitable or desired Minimum brightness level.

Memory function: The Dimmer can be programmed as desired with or without Memory, which allows memorizing the last preÞxed brightness level, thus keeping it for subsequent switching on and off to be implemented with short-term pressures on the command buttons. This level is not maintained in the Minimum calibration point and precisely by the program, in the Minimum calibration point the light is expected to switch on at Maximum. Once the Minimum has been set, if you want to obtain a low level of brightness when switching on also in this point, you must operate by keeping the Button pressed slightly for a long time. Memory programming procedure: keeping the control button pressed, power up the device keeping the button closed and wait about 10 seconds: if the Memory was active it is deactivated and vice versa.

The regulator must not be subjected to the direct action of heat sources. The nominal power must never be exceeded in any case. The load must always be considered live.

To protect both the electronic device and the load, a fuse with a high breaking capacity suitable for the load or in any case for the maximum power of the regulator must be inserted.

The installation must be carried out in compliance with the CEI standards in force. Before working on the system, turn off the power by acting on the main switch. Use yellow / green insulated conductors only for earth connection. Check that the section of the power supply conductors is suitable for the load powered and in any case not less than 1.5 mm². The place of installation must have sufficient ventilation to dissipate the heat produced. To favor the dissipation of the heat produced by the regulator, when it is used with a load greater than 300W 230Vac leave the space of a module between one regulator and another in the same junction box. P1,Pn = Control buttons all referable to Phase (F) or all to Neutral (N) (if lit, power the indicator light directly) UM 31.01.20 U


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