Perry 1CL RLG01/3PVC - PVC Float Level Regulator 3x1 from 3m

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Brand: Perry
EAN: 8019108100170
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Perry 1CL RLG01/3PVC - PVC Float Level Regulator 3x1 from 3m

The Perry 1CL RLG01/3PVC is a PVC float level regulator designed for precise management of liquid levels. This SMART device features a float switch that activates electrical equipment such as pumps, solenoid valves, alarms, and motorized gates upon reaching a preset level. Made of non-toxic polypropylene, this regulator can safely come into contact with food-grade liquids.

Technical Specifications:

Electrical Rating: 10(8) A / 250 V
Operating Temperature: from 0°C to 50°C
Pressure Resistance: up to 1.5 BAR
Protection Rating: IP68
This level regulator provides a reliable and sturdy solution for controlling liquid levels in various industrial and domestic applications. With its advanced technical features and robust PVC construction, the Perry 1CL RLG01/3PVC ensures reliable and long-lasting performance.


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