Hom-io HOM-Mod-Dim-V2 - 150W WiFi recessed dimmer module

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Hom-io HOM-Mod-Dim-V2 - 150W WiFi recessed dimmer module

Transform your lighting into a smart experience with the Hom-Mod-Dim-V2 dimmer module!

This innovative 150W WiFi module allows you to control and dim your lights in a simple and intuitive way, directly from your Hom-io app or via voice command with Amazon Alexa or Google Home.


 Remote Control: Turn on, off and adjust the intensity of your lights from anywhere, using your smartphone or your voice.
 Precise Dimming: Create the perfect atmosphere for every moment by adjusting the brightness of your lights with precision.
 Compatibility: Works with a wide range of dimmable LED (Triac) and traditional filament light sources.
 Easy Installation: Replace your old switch with the Hom-Mod-Dim-V2 dimmer module in just a few simple steps.
 Advanced functions: Choose the day, time and power-on status, set the minimum brightness and how to turn it back on after a power failure.
 Smart integration: Connect the dimmer module to other Hom-io devices to create customized scenarios and automations for your smart home.

Technical features:

 Product type: Dimmer Module
 Voltage: 100 - 240V AC
 Maximum load: 150W (LED)
 Frequency: 2.4GHz - 2.4835GHz WiFi
 Operating temperature: -10°C / 40°C
 Case Temperature: TC: 80°C (Maximum)
 Operational range: ≤ 200m
 Dimensions: H 46mm / W 18mm / L 46mm
 IP Rating: IP20


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