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AVE System 45 - Blanc

Ave Blanc, part of System 45, is installed on support 45B63. The color of the fruit is "creamy white". Blanc is a classic series with exclusive elegance that, with the completeness of its range, best suits any type of need. The classic and reliable series for all installation needs. The BLANC series has controls with photoluminescent inserts for rapid identification in the absence of light, as required by regulations for the removal of architectural barriers. Range completeness and great reliability characterize this Series, which stands out for its excellent quality / price ratio. For any doubt about Blanc products contact our Customer Service and you will receive the necessary assistance.

Ave 45906TS - P11 socket outlet 2x10A 

Code: AVE45906TS€4,08 Including VAT / N.

Ave 45907 - FUSE HOLDER 10A 1P 250V

Code: AVE45907€8,66 Including VAT / PC


Code: AVE45948L€41,41 Including VAT / PC

Ave 45901 - 16AX 1 way single pole switch

Code: AVE45901€2,72 Including VAT / N.

Ave 45902 - 16AX 2 way single pole switch

Code: AVE45902€3,67 Including VAT / N.

Ave 45904 - Changeover switch 1P 16A 250 Vac

Code: AVE45904€11,22 Including VAT / N.

Ave 45905 - 10A single pole push button

Code: AVE45905€3,41 Including VAT / N.

Ave 45905G - 10A NO single pole push button with neon

Code: AVE45905G€4,48 Including VAT / N.

Ave 45906/15TS - Combined socket outlet P17/11 2x10/16A

Code: AVE45906/15TS€4,61 Including VAT / N.

Ave 45910 - 16AX 1 way double pole switch

Code: AVE45910€9,36 Including VAT / N.

Ave 45913 - Blank insert 1 module

Code: AVE45913€0,77 Including VAT / N.

Ave 45924 - RJ11 Telephone socket outlet 4 pin

Code: AVE45924€13,40 Including VAT / N.

Ave 45928 - Ringing bell 12Vac 8VA

Code: AVE45928€17,19 Including VAT / N.

Ave 45929 - Ringing bell 230Vac

Code: AVE45929€20,64 Including VAT / N.

Ave 45930 - Buzzer 12Vac 8VA

Code: AVE45930€13,32 Including VAT / N.

Ave 45930SC - Adaptor for AMP, SYSTIM (AT&T), QUBIX

Code: AVE45930SC€3,66 Including VAT / PC

Ave 45931 - Buzzer 230Vac

Code: AVE45931€17,32 Including VAT / N.

Ave 45906TS - P11 socket outlet 2x10A 

Code: AVE45906TS€4,08 Including VAT / N.