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Covers - BTicino Living

The BTicino LivingLight plates, or even BTicino Living, are the latest ones made by BTicino. With the merger of the Living International, Living Light and Living Tech series into a single compatible series in a single medium, an incredible simplicity and breadth of range has been achieved. In fact, while before the plates of one of these three series were not interchangeable, now there is complete product compatibility and reversibility. The LivingLight series offers some types of finishes: the International finish that incorporates the style of the old BTicino International, the Quadra finish that offers square lines, and finally the Round finish. Note the new plates BTicino LivingLight AIR which with a minimum thickness protrude only a few millimeters from the wall.

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BTicino 26108L - Pushbutton/plate 10A 250Vac

Code: BTI26108L€28,53 Including VAT / PC

BTicino 26108N - Pushbutton with name plate 10A 250Vac

Code: BTI26108N€28,53 Including VAT / PC

BTicino 26108T - Pushbutton with name plate 10A 250Vac

Code: BTI26108T€28,53 Including VAT / PC

BTicino 26603 - IP44 enclosure 3P

Code: BTI26603€8,10 Including VAT / PC

Bticino L4750 Living Light screw cover for supports

Code: BTIL4750€0,05 Including VAT / N.