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Legrand Vela White

The Vela Cross sockets and controls are the proposal of the French brand Legrand for the Italian market. Here you can find VELA white colored products. The Cross series, which has become quite well-known also in past years, has recently been renewed both in terms of aesthetics and technology, in the new Vela Cross series. The interesting thing is that there is complete compatibility between the plates and the Cross controls with the new Vela Cross plates and controls. This allows you to save money in the event of maintenance of existing systems, and not least, prevents any purchase errors by the consumer. The Vela Cross plates are distinguished in the 3 lines, Cross classic Vela round and Vela square. All three are well cared for in the lines and materials, especially in the case of metal plates. Vela Cross offers 3, 4 and 6 seater plates compatible with their respective supports. The boxes compatible with this civil series are the normal one. It's up to you to choose the plaque that best suits your tastes and needs.

Fracarro 280822 - Legrand Vela white TV adapter demixed

Code: FRA280822€1,26 Including VAT / PC

Legrand 682918 - Socket 2P+T 16A 250 Vac red

Code: LEG682918€12,87 Including VAT / PC

Legrand 683200 - Buzzer 12Vac 5VA Vela white

Code: LEG683200€10,05 Including VAT / PC

Legrand 687001 - Switch 1P 10A 250 Vac - Vela white

Code: LEG687001€2,67 Including VAT / N.

Legrand 687002 - Switch 2P 16A 250 Vac - Vela white

Code: LEG687002€7,38 Including VAT / N.

Legrand 687013 - Socket 2P+T 10A 250 Vac Vela white

Code: LEG687013€3,15 Including VAT / PC

Legrand 687016 - Socket 2P+T 16A 250 Vac

Code: LEG687016€8,07 Including VAT / PC

Legrand 687025 - Connector RJ11 K10 - Vela white

Code: LEG687025€10,90 Including VAT / PC

Legrand 687042 - Bell in bronze 12V 5VA - Vela white

Code: LEG687042€15,17 Including VAT / PC

Legrand 687043 - Bell in bronze 230V 8VA - Vela white

Code: LEG687043€18,89 Including VAT / PC

Legrand 687044 - Buzzer 12 Vac 5VA Vela white

Code: LEG687044€11,15 Including VAT / PC

Fracarro 280822 - Legrand Vela white TV adapter demixed

Code: FRA280822€1,26 Including VAT / PC