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Christmas Lights Arteleta

In this category you can find a wide range of Christmas lights by Arteleta. Arteleta, also known by the name LYVIA, is among the most renowned brands in the Christmas lighting sector. You can find intermittent and crazy lights all year round. Obviously in the period from October to December this category is richer in products and alternatives than in the rest of the period. For more information on Arteleta lighting products contact our Customer Service


Arteleta 60250 - 50 lamps E14 - 14 V - 5 W

Code: ART60250€0,47 Including VAT / N.

Arteleta 60255 - Lamp E14 14V 5W red

Code: ART60255€0,47 Including VAT / PC

Arteleta LDV.180.M - LED star bright

Code: ARTLDV.180.M€18,20 Including VAT / PC

Arteleta LDV.180.W - LED star bright

Code: ARTLDV.180.W€18,20 Including VAT / PC

Arteleta LED.400.M - Mega LED star bright Multicolor

Code: ARTLED.400.M€30,33 Including VAT / PC

Arteleta LED.400.W - Mega LED star bright White

Code: ARTLED.400.W€30,33 Including VAT / PC

Arteleta PLR.E27 - E27 lamp holder for flat cable PLR.MC

Code: ARTPLR.E27€2,15 Including VAT / PC

Arteleta PRL.40.SC - Light chain Stringlite Waterproof

Code: ARTPRL.40.SC€6,75 Including VAT / PC

Wimex 4501808 - Socket for intermittent light 100W

Code: WIM4501808€2,50 Including VAT / PC