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FROR / FS18OR18 Electric Cables

In this category you will find a wide range of multipolar FROR cables . The FROR cable, remember, can be used indoors or for temporary use even outside without protection. If, on the other hand, a permanent installation is required, or the cable is passed inside a protection pipe , or you can alternatively opt for an underground cable FG7. The FROR cable is in fact designed for the interiors of civil or industrial electrical systems.

For any questions, contact customer service and they will help you choose the cable that best suits your needs

CONFS18OR18-3G1 - Electrical Cable FS18OR18 BROWN 3G1mm

Code: CONFS18OR18-3G1€0,62 Including VAT / MT

CONFS18OR18-4G1 - Electrical Cable FS18OR18 BROWN 4G1mm

Code: CONFS18OR18-4G1€0,81 Including VAT / MT

CONFS18OR18-5G1 - Electrical Cable FS18OR18 BROWN 5G1mm

Code: CONFS18OR18-5G1€1,01 Including VAT / MT

CONFS18OR18-7G1 - Electrical Cable FS18OR18 BROWN 7G1mm

Code: CONFS18OR18-7G1€1,40 Including VAT / MT

CONFS18OR18-7G1.5 - Electrical Cable FS18OR18 BROWN 7G1.5mm

Code: CONFS18OR18-7G1.5€2,01 Including VAT / MT

CPR cable FROR16 2X2.5mm2 100m (NO Yellow-green)

Code: CSBFRZ25002UM100€1,05 Including VAT / LM

CPR cable FROR16 8x0.75mm2

Code: CSBFRZ07508M100€1,44 Including VAT / MT

CPR FROR16 2X1.5mm2 cable with Yellow-green

Code: CSBFRZ15002UM100€0,66 Including VAT / LM

CPR FROR16 3G1.5mm2 cable with Yellow-green

Code: CSBFRZ15003G€0,93 Including VAT / LM

Electrical cable FFROR 2x1.5 ORANGE

Code: CSBFF15002M100€0,82 Including VAT / MT

Electrical cable FFROR 3G1 ORANGE

Code: CSBFF10003M100€0,83 Including VAT / MT

Electrical cable FFROR 3G1.5 ORANGE with green-yellow

Code: CSBFF15003M100€1,11 Including VAT / MT

Electrical cable FFROR 3G2.5 ORANGE with green-yellow

Code: CSBFF25003M100€1,74 Including VAT / MT

Electrical cable FR2OHR16 4X1 CPR

Code: CSBCFZ10004M100€1,29 Including VAT / LM

Electrical cable FROR CPR 10x0.50mm    

Code: CSBFRZ05010M100€1,35 Including VAT / MT

Electrical cable FROR CPR 12x0.50mm

Code: CSBFRZ05012M100€1,54 Including VAT / MT

Electrical cable FROR CPR 12x0.75mm

Code: CSBFRZ07512M100€2,20 Including VAT / MT