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IP66 Wall-mounted Switchboards ABB

This category displays a wide range of IP66 switchboards (i.e. for outdoor use) of the ABB brand. ABB has recently renewed its switchboards and at the moment the product it offers is the MISTRAL 65, which is certainly among the best for its quality/price ratio. These switchboards are equipped with a semitransparent plastic door equipped with a gasket to prevent moisture infiltration. We recommend leaving some forms free to allow subsequent extensions without having to change the whole switchboard.

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ABB 13190 - SPARE PART COVER FOR ENCL. 13180-13183

Code: ABB13190€12,66 Including VAT / PC

ABB 65P04X12 - MISTRAL65 transparent door 4M

Code: ABB65P04X12€20,72 Including VAT / PC

ABB 65P08X12 - MISTRAL65 transparent door 8M

Code: ABB65P08X12€21,06 Including VAT / PC

ABB 65P12X12 - MISTRAL65 transparent door 12M

Code: ABB65P12X12€34,86 Including VAT / PC

ABB 65P12X22 - MISTRAL65 transparent door 24M

Code: ABB65P12X22€57,93 Including VAT / PC

ABB 65P12X32 - MISTRAL65 transparent door 36M 3F

Code: ABB65P12X32€81,63 Including VAT / PC

ABB 65P12X42 - MISTRAL65 transparent door 48M

Code: ABB65P12X42€108,64 Including VAT / PC

ABB 65P18X12 - MISTRAL65 transparent door 18M

Code: ABB65P18X12€63,51 Including VAT / PC

ABB 65P18X22 - MISTRAL65 transparent door 36M 2F

Code: ABB65P18X22€110,23 Including VAT / PC

ABB 65P18X32 - MISTRAL65 transparent door 54M

Code: ABB65P18X32€174,90 Including VAT / PC

ABB 65P18X42 - MISTRAL65 transparent door 72M

Code: ABB65P18X42€252,08 Including VAT / PC