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Covers and Wiring Devices Gewiss System

System sockets and controls by Gewiss are without a doubt the most used industrial plates in Italy. The materials with which they are made allow to resist humid environments and bad weather. The colors are clear and minimalist, System is a series that focuses on substance rather than aesthetics. It is important to note that some plates, or containers, are self-supporting (they do not need support). When necessary, use specific support. The containers are made with a rigid PVC pipe arrangement, which makes choosing this series very practical in case you don't want to make traces on the walls. Another peculiarity to keep in mind is that the normal plate needs both support and box, the self-supporting plate does not need support, but needs the box, while the container does not need either. For outdoor installations it is recommended to install sockets and switches inside watertight plates. It's up to you to choose the plaque that best suits your tastes and needs.

Gewiss GW20201 - Italian standard socket-outlet 250v ac

Code: GEWGW20201€4,55 Including VAT / N.

Gewiss GW20203 - Italian Standard Socket-Outlet 250v Ac

Code: GEWGW20203€4,30 Including VAT / N.

Gewiss GW20251 - Telephone Socket - Rj11 System

Code: GEWGW20251€16,83 Including VAT / N.

Gewiss GW20434 - Miniature circuit breaker 230v ac

Code: GEWGW20434€63,04 Including VAT / N.

Gewiss GW20504 - One-Way Switch 2p 250v Ac - 16ax

Code: GEWGW20504€9,81 Including VAT / N.

Gewiss GW20510 - Push-Button 1p 250v Ac

Code: GEWGW20510€4,31 Including VAT / N.

Gewiss GW20515 - Push-Button 1p 250v Ac - No 10a

Code: GEWGW20515€7,93 Including VAT / N.