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Ceiling Lights Lombardo

This section displays all the Lombardo Illuminazione ceiling lights that we manage in the catalog. Lombardo ceiling lights are excellent in terms of quality and design. It starts from simple tortoiseshell ceiling lights up to sophisticated design products such as AIRY Lombardo ceiling lights, or PRIMA OVALE ceiling lights. Some of the lighting fixtures of this extraordinary company have the signature of the well-known designer GIUGIARO. For more information on Lombardo Illuminazione products, contact our Customer Service

Lombardo LB41224 Oval turtle 3 entrances 170 mm

Code: LOMLB41224€9,74 Including VAT / N.

Lombardo LB41424 Oval turtle 3 entrances 195 mm

Code: LOMLB41424€14,03 Including VAT / PC

Lombardo LB44521 Oval turtle 200 no protection

Code: LOMLB44521€8,57 Including VAT / PC

Lombardo LB46521 Round tortoise 200 no protection

Code: LOMLB46521€14,03 Including VAT / PC

Lombardo LB53221 Round light 260

Code: LOMLB53221€40,15 Including VAT / N.

Lombardo LB53224 Round light 260 GREY

Code: LOMLB53224€40,15 Including VAT / N.

Lombardo LB53421 Oval Light 260 - White

Code: LOMLB53421€32,35 Including VAT / N.

Lombardo LB53424 Oval Light 260 - Grey

Code: LOMLB53424€32,35 Including VAT / N.

Lombardo LB53621 Mini oval light 220 White

Code: LOMLB53621€21,44 Including VAT / PC

Lombardo LB58221 Class tonda 330 - White

Code: LOMLB58221€55,35 Including VAT / N.

Lombardo LB58222 Class tonda 330 - Black

Code: LOMLB58222€55,35 Including VAT / N.

Lombardo LB82122 AIRY OVALE 300 - Black

Code: LOMLB82122€29,23 Including VAT / PC

Lombardo LB82322 AIRY TOP OVALE 300 - Black

Code: LOMLB82322€34,30 Including VAT / PC

Lombardo LB8232G AIRY TOP OVALE 300 - Grey

Code: LOMLB8232G€46,00 Including VAT / PC

Lombardo LL1130003 - LINE LED 6.5W 3000K

Code: LOMLL1130003€77,35 Including VAT / PC

Lombardo LL1131013 - LINE 220 11W 3000K

Code: LOMLL1131013€87,20 Including VAT / PC

Lombardo LB41224 Oval turtle 3 entrances 170 mm

Code: LOMLB41224€9,74 Including VAT / N.