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Sodium Iodide and Vapor Lamps LEDVANCE

In this category you can find the main OSRAM sodium iodide and vapor lamps. This type of lamp is used when a large amount of light is needed. They are among the brightest lamps on the market. Osram produces Joduri and Vapori metal lamps of various kinds: both plug-in and screw-on lamps are available. Among the best-selling models of Joduri lamps we want to report the HCI-T and the HQI-TS, certainly among the most important OSRAM products. For more information on Osram lighting products contact our Customer Service


Ledvance HCIEP150830NZ2 - HCI-E/P lamp 150W 3000K E27

Code: LDVHCIEP150830NZ2€52,28 Including VAT / PC

Ledvance HCIT35942NZ  - HCI-T Lamp ​G12 35W 4200K

Code: LDVHCIT35942NZ€20,44 Including VAT / PC

Ledvance HCIT70942NZ - HCI-T Lamp ​G12 70W 4200K

Code: LDVHCIT70942NZ€20,44 Including VAT / PC

Ledvance HCITS150942NZ - HCI-TS Lamp ​RX7S-24 150W 4200K

Code: LDVHCITS150942NZ€25,27 Including VAT / PC

Ledvance HQIBT400DPROZ - Metal Halide lamp HQI-BT E40 250W

Code: LDVHQIBT400DPROZ€44,09 Including VAT / N.

Ledvance HQIE250DPROZ  - Metal Halide lamp E40 250W

Code: LDVHQIE250DPROZ€38,27 Including VAT / N.

Ledvance HQIT150WDLNZ - HQI-T Lamp ​G12 95V 150W 3000K

Code: LDVHQIT150WDLNZ€59,30 Including VAT / PC

Ledvance HQIT250DNZ - Metal Halide lamp E40 250W

Code: LDVHQIT250DNZ€39,35 Including VAT / N.

Ledvance HQITSE150NDLNZ - HQI-TS Lamp ​RX7S 98V 150W 4200K

Code: LDVHQITSE150NDLNZ€15,72 Including VAT / N.

Ledvance HQITSE150WDLNZ - HQI-TS Lamp ​RX7S 98V 150W 3300K

Code: LDVHQITSE150WDLNZ€15,72 Including VAT / N.

Ledvance HQITSE70NDLNZ - HQI-TS Lamp ​RX7S 98V 70W 4300K

Code: LDVHQITSE70NDLNZ€15,72 Including VAT / N.

Ledvance HQITSE70WDLNZ - HQI-TS Lamp ​RX7S 98V 70W 3000K

Code: LDVHQITSE70WDLNZ€15,72 Including VAT / N.

Ledvance NAVE100SUPER - Sodium Vapor lamp 100W E40

Code: LDVNAVE100SUPER€15,92 Including VAT / PC

Ledvance NAVE70E - Sodium Vapor lamp 70W E27 no ignitor

Code: LDVNAVE70E€11,48 Including VAT / PC

Ledvance NAVT400SUPER - E40 Sodium lamp

Code: LDVNAVT400SUPER€22,77 Including VAT / PC

Ledvance HCIEP150830NZ2 - HCI-E/P lamp 150W 3000K E27

Code: LDVHCIEP150830NZ2€52,28 Including VAT / PC