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Door Intercom BTicino

The BTicino interphones stand out for the excellent quality of the materials and for the refinement of the design. BTicino intercom products are the top in the sector, both in Italy and worldwide. BTicino currently offers solutions for "digital" or "analog" intercom systems.

BTicino has ready-to-use kits in its catalog and can already operate an electric lock by itself, while for other commands such as gates or lights other optional accessories.

Please note that BTicino offers other possibilities besides those listed above. For example, it is possible to create door phone systems for complexes of many apartments using items from the BTicino SFERA series; or programming and customizations can be made with the appropriate Configurators. For more detailed information or to request a quote, contact our Customer Service

BTicino 334262 - Universal analogue internal unit

Code: BTI334262€37,82 Including VAT / PC

Bticino 346020 - Additional power supply 2Din 230V

Code: BTI346020€102,27 Including VAT / PC

BTicino 346210 - Generic actuator for 2 wires system

Code: BTI346210€91,59 Including VAT / PC

BTicino 346230 - Door lock actuator with 2 DIN

Code: BTI346230€207,64 Including VAT / PC

BTicino 346250 - Relay module for gate opening

Code: BTI346250€48,52 Including VAT / PC

BTicino 346870 - 2 wires video amplifier

Code: BTI346870€144,21 Including VAT / PC

BTicino 3499 - Line terminator

Code: BTI3499€13,06 Including VAT / PC

BTicino 350010 - Flush-mounting box 1 module Sfera

Code: BTI350010€24,58 Including VAT / PC

BTicino 350020 - Plastic flush-mounting box 2 modules

Code: BTI350020€29,47 Including VAT / PC

BTicino 350030 - Flush-mounting box 3 modules Sfera

Code: BTI350030€31,97 Including VAT / PC

BTicino 3501/0 SCS - Configurator 0 - pack of 10 pieces

Code: BTI3501/0€8,17 Including VAT / PC