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RJ45 Ethernet Cables

This category displays all the Ethernet cables that we offer for immediate delivery. Ethernet cables, also known as RJ45 cables, are of several types. CAT5 ethernet cables carry up to 1Gbps with a bandwidth of up to 100MHz. CAT5E ethernet cables go up to 1Gbps and greatly reduce interference compared to CAT5. Then finally the CAT6 ethernet cables which carry up to 100Gbps and a bandwidth up to 250MHz. Finally, RJ45 cables are available both shielded (FTP or STP if each pair of cables is shielded) and unshielded (UTP). Shielding is necessary if the cable is placed in close contact with other electrical cables, which produce interference.

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BTicino 032754 - LAN cable U/UTP cat.6 24AWG (0,51 mm) blue LSZH

Code: LEG032754€0,65 Including VAT / MT

BTicino 032856 - CAT6 LSZH F/UTP shielded cable

Code: LEG032856€0,96 Including VAT / MT

Prospecta H0107/E/W - gray FTP cat.5 ethernet cable

Code: PROH0107/E/W€0,72 Including VAT / LM

Prospecta H0165 - RS422 BUS cable 2x2xAWG22

Code: PROH0165€1,96 Including VAT / LM