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Electrical Accessories - Tecnel

This category displays the TECNEL brand products. Tecnel specializes in the production of dimmer dimmers, transformers, and radio controls. If you have any doubts or questions about Tecnel products, contact our Customer Service.

Tecnel MINIREPM - PWM amplifier for LED strips

Code: TCNMINIREPM€35,44 Including VAT / N.

Tecnel TE0705 - R.F.I. type L-C (100 ÷ 500W-230Vca)

Code: TCNTE0705€11,50 Including VAT / N.

Tecnel TE44895BT - Dimmer 4-100W white

Code: TCNTE44895BT€44,62 Including VAT / PC

Tecnel TE44895GT - Dimmer 4-100W grey

Code: TCNTE44895GT€44,62 Including VAT / PC

Tecnel TE44895NT - Dimmer 4-100W black

Code: TCNTE44895NT€44,62 Including VAT / PC

Tecnel TE4500.5M - Inductive dimmer with Magic diverter

Code: TCNTE4500.5M€33,34 Including VAT / N.

Tecnel TE4523.5M - Inductive dimmer with IDEA diverter

Code: TCNTE4523.5M€33,34 Including VAT / N.

Tecnel TE4524.5M - Inductive dimmer with PLANA diverter

Code: TCNTE4524.5M€33,34 Including VAT / PC

Tecnel TE4530B.5M - Inductive dimmer with Gewiss diverter

Code: TCNTE4530B.5M€33,34 Including VAT / N.

Tecnel TE4561B.5M - Inductive dimmer with AVE Blanc diverter

Code: TCNTE4561B.5M€33,34 Including VAT / N.

Tecnel TE4562.5M - Inductive dimmer with Noir AVE diverter

Code: TCNTE4562.5M€33,34 Including VAT / N.

Tecnel TE4700.3 Resistive Dimmer 30-300W for BTicino Magic

Code: TCNTE4700.3€25,02 Including VAT / N.

Tecnel TE4721.3 Resistive Dimmer 30-300W for Vimar 8000

Code: TCNTE4721.3€25,02 Including VAT / N.

Tecnel TE4723.3 Resistive Dimmer 30-300W for Vimar Idea

Code: TCNTE4723.3€25,02 Including VAT / N.

Tecnel TE4730B.3 Resistive Dimmer 30-300W for Gewiss System

Code: TCNTE4730B.3€25,02 Including VAT / N.

Tecnel TE6195 - Emergency lamp with Keystone connection

Code: TCNTE6195€20,87 Including VAT / PC

Tecnel TE6603N - Potentiometer 500W with wheel

Code: TCNTE6603N€17,98 Including VAT / N.

Tecnel TE6716N - 500W foot dimmer with slide

Code: TCNTE6716N€25,70 Including VAT / N.

Tecnel TE7632M - Universal dimmer for LED 100W with memory

Code: TCNTE7632M€35,96 Including VAT / N.

Tecnel MINIREPM - PWM amplifier for LED strips

Code: TCNMINIREPM€35,44 Including VAT / N.