CPR FROR16 3G1.5mm2 cable with Yellow-green

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CPR FROR16 3G1.5mm2 cable with Yellow-green

External diameter: 7.3 mm


Construction features
Core: Flexible red copper, class 5
Insulation: Compound based on PVC, quality R2
Stranding: Cores twisted / stranded in concentric crowns
Outer sheath: PVC-based compound, R16 quality, oil resistant according to CEI EN 60811-404
Core colors: CEI UNEL 00722 - 00725 (HD 308 S2 - EN50334)
Outer sheath color: Gray (based on RAL 7035)


Electrical characteristics
Core operating voltage:
300 / 500V section ≤ 0.75 mm
450 / 750V section ≥ 1.00 mm
Test voltage:
2000V section ≤ 0.75 mm
2500V section ≥ 1.00 mm
Sheath operating voltage: 450 / 750V

Normative reference
CEI 20-29 IEC 60228
CEI 20-11 EN 50363
CEI EN 60332-3-24 Cat.C IEC 60332-3-24 Cat.C
CEI UNEL 36762
CEI EN 60811-404

EN 50575: 2016 Cca - s3, d0, a3

Minimum operating temperature: -25 ° C
Maximum working temperature: + 70 ° C
Maximum short circuit temperature: + 160 ° C


Fixed laying cable compliant with the requirements of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR UE 305/11), with the aim of limiting the production and spread of fire and smoke.
Multipolar cable for energy, control, signaling, command or measurement systems with oil-resistant outer sheath.
The non-propagation characteristics of the fire (low risk of laying a bundle) and the small external dimensions make it particularly suitable for intercom systems, civil and industrial internal applications and on board the machine.
This cable can always be installed in coexistence with 450 / 750V power cables and also, if used to power category 0 systems (rated voltage less than or equal to 50V, if with alternating current, or at 120V, if with direct or non-corrugated current) , it can also be installed in coexistence with 0.6 / 1kV power cables that supply loads with a nominal voltage of 230 / 400V.
All this does not exclude possible problems due to any electromagnetic interference.
It can also be used for stress-free acyclic occasional mobile laying applications.
Underground installation is not allowed, even if protected.


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