Scame 205.W37-B - WALL BOX BE-W2 Business T2 1P+N+E 32A 230V 7,4KW LCD RFID MID

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Code: SCA205.W37-B
Brand: Scame
EAN: 8001636312392

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Scame 205.W37-B - WALL BOX BE-W2 Business T2 1P+N+E 32A 230V 7,4KW LCD RFID MID

Single-phase - T2S socket - LCD interface - RFID access - MID meter - No protections

In addition to the possibility of operating independently, with free or controlled access, a BUSINESS station can be inserted as a Satellite in the orbit of a Master station.
The Master station, through the Scame Management System or the OCPP platform to which it is connected, defines the authorizations that regulate access to the stations (Master and Satellites) placed in a network architecture.

- WEB/NET (Satellite)

New BE-W 2.0 Wall Box by Scame

charge in mode 3 with pwm pilot circuit
identification of the size of the connected cable
protection against overcurrents and indirect contacts
direct contact protection Safety Child Shutters
measurement of energy supplied and current absorbed
identification of the user authorized to charge
plug anti-removal block management
charge management in the absence of voltage
operation in free or personal stand-alone mode
predisposition for serial communication
POWER MANAGEMENT predisposition

Rated current: 32A
Rated voltage: 230Vac
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Insulation voltage: 250V
Degree of protection: IP55
Operating temperature: -30°C +50°C
Material: Technopolymer
Glow wire test: 650°C
IK degree at 20°C: IK08
Color: Anthracite
Wall mounting
Saline solution: Resistant
UV rays: Resistant

Scame Wall Box BE-W 2.0

1 terminal block 3x10mm2
1 MID 1P+N 40A digital counter
1 modular contactor 2P 40A 24Vdc
1 DC Leakage detector
1 fuse holder switch 1P+N gG 4A
1 24Vdc 36W power supply
1 control board
1 2x20 line backlit LCD display
1 13.56MHz RFID reader
1 RGB led strip
1 stop charge button (free mode)
1 backup battery

upstream protection (by the installer)


IEC/EN 61851-1
IEC/EN 61439-7


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