Scame 679.2024 - IKONA 24 DIN IP66 modular switchboard

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Scame 679.2024 - IKONA 24 DIN IP66 modular switchboard

Wall-mounted switchboard from the IKONA series, designed to offer a robust and versatile solution for electrical distribution in indoor and outdoor environments exposed to adverse weather conditions.

Main features:

 IP66 protection rating: Resists dust and intense water jets, ideal for outdoor installations or in humid environments.
 Degree of protection IK09: Withstands medium intensity mechanical shocks, guaranteeing resistance to vandalism and accidental impacts.
 24 DIN modularity: Can accommodate up to 24 DIN modules, offering maximum flexibility for large system configurations.
 Dimensions: 532x317x140mm, also suitable for large spaces and with high cabling needs.
 Material: Resistant to impacts, chemicals and weather.
 Gray Color: Easily integrates with different architectural aesthetics.
 Wall installation: Quick and easy to mount.
 Large internal space: Facilitates the insertion of complex components and wiring, even large ones.
 Removable DIN rail support: For convenient access to connections, even in articulated configurations.
 Removable module covers: For greater flexibility and customisation.
 Provision for terminal block housing: For tidy management of cables, even multiple ones.
 Pressure closing system with lock: Guarantees safety and protection of the contents, even in sensitive environments.
 Reversible door: Adaptable to different installation and opening needs.
 Spirit level: For precise and aligned mounting.
 DIN rail adjustable in height and depth: For optimal configuration according to needs.
 Guides for fixing cables with slots for cable ties: For tidy and safe management of cables, even large sections.
 Fast-pitch captive stainless steel screws: For a secure and long-lasting installation, even in humid or corrosive environments.

Ideal for:

 Large residential and commercial electrical systems with complex wiring needs.
 Industrial environments with high power distribution needs and management of numerous components.
 Wet areas and bathrooms requiring protection against water and dust, even in the presence of machinery or equipment.
 Outdoor installations in adverse climatic conditions and with exposure to aggressive atmospheric agents.
 Complex electrical control panels that manage complex systems with numerous users.

Scame 679.2024 represents the ideal choice for those who need a large, robust, versatile switchboard with a high degree of protection for the management of large electrical systems in various applications. Its modern and functional design, combined with high performance and ease of installation, make it an excellent product for professionals and expert installers who work in challenging contexts.


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