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Ventilation Vortice

Here you can find a wide range of Vortice vacuum cleaners. Vortice is synonymous with aspirator; Vortice has always been a world leader in the sector of extractor fans and residential and industrial ventilation. Mainly here you will find two types of products: the helical aspirators, flat and not bulky; and centrifugal extractors, very powerful but slightly more voluminous. When choosing an aspirator you must always keep in mind both the diameter of the pipe you have and the power you need. For almost all the vacuum cleaners it is also possible to add optional items such as a timer, to delay the shutdown, or gravity shutters to prevent dirt or insects from entering the opposite direction to the air outlet pipe. For any doubt contact Customer Service and you will be provided with all the information you need

AVE VNB100 - MINI ELICAL D100 230V air extractor

Code: AVEVNB100€22,31 Including VAT / PC

Ave VNS100B - Compact centrifugal duct fan d100mm

Code: AVEVNDC100€68,10 Including VAT / PC

Fantini Cosmi AP0902 - Adaper for AP3100 d90

Code: FANAP0902€5,31 Including VAT / PC

Fantini Cosmi AP3100 - Axial fan with high performance

Code: FANAP3100€37,31 Including VAT / PC

Tecnel TE9780TR - Universal timer for aspirators

Code: TCNTE9780TR€28,77 Including VAT / PC

Vortice 11122 - MF 90 / 3,5 Axial fan

Code: VOR0000011122€46,94 Including VAT / PC

Vortice 11123 - MF 100/4 Helical Aspirator

Code: VOR0000011123€47,64 Including VAT / PC

Vortice 11124 - MF 120/5 Helical Aspirator

Code: VOR0000011124€65,15 Including VAT / PC

Vortice 11125 - MF 150/6 Helical Aspirator

Code: VOR0000011125€135,91 Including VAT / PC

Vortice 11638 - MICRO 80 Centrifugal Aspirator

Code: VOR0000011638€122,60 Including VAT / PC

Vortice 11944 - MEDIO 100 Centrifugal Aspirator

Code: VOR0000011944€195,47 Including VAT / PC

Vortice 11952 - SUPER 100 Centrifugal Aspirator

Code: VOR0000011952€239,61 Including VAT / PC

Vortice 11965 - ARIETT LL Centrifugal Aspirator

Code: VOR0000011965€144,32 Including VAT / PC

Vortice 12412 - 300/12 Helical Aspirator

Code: VOR0000012412€440,68 Including VAT / PC

Vortice 12452 - 230/9 Helical Aspirator

Code: VOR0000012452€321,58 Including VAT / PC

Vortice 12612 - 150/6 Aspiratore Elicoidale

Code: VOR0000012612€161,14 Including VAT / PC

Vortice 12931 - IREM 3 Electronic speed regulator 230v

Code: VOR0000012931€236,80 Including VAT / PC

Vortice 12941 - Electronic regulator CR5N

Code: VOR0000012941€54,64 Including VAT / PC

Vortice 16008 - CA 100-V0 Centrifugal aspirator

Code: VOR0000016008€182,86 Including VAT / PC

Vortice 16018 - CA 125-V0 Centrifugal aspirator

Code: VOR0000016018€196,87 Including VAT / PC

AVE VNB100 - MINI ELICAL D100 230V air extractor

Code: AVEVNB100€22,31 Including VAT / PC