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Stock Elettrico® is the Online Electrical Material Wholesaler, number one in Italy. Distributor of the main Italian and International brands. Stock Elettrico® is the authorised seller of BTicino, ABB, Legrand, Ave, Osram, Vimar, Gewiss, Beghelli, Offel, and of many other brands. All the products included in our extensive online catalogue are new, original and warrantee covered for 2 years.

With only a few clicks you can independently buy all the electrical goods you need, from plates to switches, from light bulbs to electrical cables and much more.

Our strength is convenience mixed with an efficient service provided. We are happy to be among the cheapest in the world of online electrical goods retailers, but our service doesn’t want to be recognised for its price convenience, at least not just that. The speed and the accuracy are our real strength. Prompt replies and ultra-fast deliveries are what makes us really unique in our sector.

Our Mission

Our goal is to make the buying of electrical goods simple and quick. With just a few clicks you can have all the goods you need for your electrical system to the comfort of your own home, or directly to the place of installation. From this concept, our motto says:

"Stock Elettrico, the Electrical Equipment just a Click Away"

All this while always guaranteeing the Safety of all personal data and of all Payments and the human contact with our operators. Both before, during and after buying our products, you can benefit from the technical and administrative assistance of our members of staff.

Our Services

We want to be the most efficient link between the makers of electrical goods and those who need them. We are proud to be able to offer:

Logistics: that is the storage of electrical goods in our storages, situated in Italy. The storage implicates high costs and often our competitors tend to reduce the stock of goods. We offer you the chance to buy more than 5000 goods with numbers up-dated in real times. An essential component of logistic is the Delivery. We are proud to be offering quick deliveries in all of Europe.

Competence: that is the knowledge of products, of their correct installation and of the evaluation of possible alternative which could suit your specific needs. There are no refresher courses or schools or universities which can deliver this type of knowledge. We offer you our experience of wholesale retailer of electrical goods which has been present in this market for over 30 years. Our knowledge, passed down from generations to generations, is constantly improved, up-dated and deepened thanks to the relationships matured with our suppliers, our technicians and our customers.

Communication: that is the clarity and the transparency that we like to offer. Every request from any user is read, examined and quickly processed. The state of each order is up-dated in real time, plus the goods are always tracked through the tracking code. Any issues will be communicated and dealt with quickly and will be faced jointly in order to find the best solutions for the Customer. We ask our customers to inform us of any issues, in order to solve them. Our main goal is the customer satisfaction, Your satisfaction.


The Stock Elettrico Team