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Gate Accessories Aprimatic

In this category you can find all the accessories and spare parts for Aprimatic gate automation systems. You can find foundation plates, optional antennas, remote controls, photocells and much more, all original Aprimatic with a 2-year warranty. Please note that Aprimatic offers the official assistance service during the installation (just in Italy). For further information about Aprimatic automatic gates contact our Customer Service

Aprimatic 41125/050 - Foundation plate for ONDA 2000 operator

Code: APR41125/050€18,79 Including VAT / N.

Aprimatic 41180/053 - Gate rack

Code: APR41180/053€21,18 Including VAT / MT

Aprimatic 41605/802 - Swing gate electronic starter kit

Code: APR41605/802€385,15 Including VAT / PC

Aprimatic 41628/001 - BA230 swing gates mainboard

Code: APR41628/001€199,77 Including VAT / N.

Aprimatic 41700/016 - Motor oil AprimOil HC13 1lt

Code: APR41700/016€15,85 Including VAT / N.

Aprimatic 41811/001 - APRIMATIC ER2 24V CC photocell

Code: APR41811/001€88,90 Including VAT / N.

Aprimatic 41811/050 - Aluminium columns for ER2N photocell

Code: APR41811/050€35,97 Including VAT / N.

Aprimatic 41812/008 - ER12-24V photocell

Code: APR41812/008€65,26 Including VAT / PC

Aprimatic 41812/050 - Aluminium columns for ER4N photocell

Code: APR41812/050€33,77 Including VAT / N.

Aprimatic 41812/054 - ER4N photocell mounting plate

Code: APR41812/054€8,36 Including VAT / N.

Aprimatic 41830/005 - PC12E key switch

Code: APR41830/005€27,53 Including VAT / N.

Aprimatic 41830/007 - Metal enclousure key switch

Code: APR41830/007€27,53 Including VAT / N.

Aprimatic 41830/053 - Flush mounting box

Code: APR41830/053€3,15 Including VAT / N.

Aprimatic 41830/054 - Weldable metal box

Code: APR41830/054€8,44 Including VAT / N.

Aprimatic 41841/001 - ET22 - 230V LED flashing light

Code: APR41841/001€60,27 Including VAT / N.

Aprimatic 41905/004 - TM4 transmitter 433MHz

Code: APR41905/004€28,11 Including VAT / PC

Aprimatic 41923/011 - Unico Memory System 433.93MHz receiver

Code: APR41923/011€81,56 Including VAT / PC

Aprimatic 41923/052 - CA41 - relay expansion module

Code: APR41923/052€31,27 Including VAT / N.

Aprimatic 41125/050 - Foundation plate for ONDA 2000 operator

Code: APR41125/050€18,79 Including VAT / N.