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Socket Adapters

In this category you can find a very wide range of adapters for household electrical outlets and plugs. We have the latest BTicino adapters in the catalog, some including lightning protection. In addition there are the classic and cheap adapters of Fanton and Faeg. For any further information on the exposed adapters contact our Customer Service

Arteleta 1660.B - Travel adapter

Code: ART1660.B€3,27 Including VAT / PC

Arteleta 1666.B - Travel adapter

Code: ART1666.B€3,44 Including VAT / N.

Arteleta 52660 - Segment timer

Code: ART52660€5,76 Including VAT / PC

Arteleta AST.W4 - Travel adapter - ALL IN ONE

Code: ARTAST.W4€17,54 Including VAT / PC

Arteleta LYD.60 - Remotely controlled sockets

Code: ARTLYD.60€19,94 Including VAT / PC

Arteleta RL.2654 - Table power strip with clamp

Code: ARTRL.2654€27,84 Including VAT / PC

Arteleta RL.9239.B - Triple Schuko Adapter 10A White

Code: ARTRL.9239.B€1,55 Including VAT / PC

Arteleta RLS.9239.B - Triple adapter 10A White

Code: ARTRLS.9239.B€1,78 Including VAT / PC

BTicino S2614G - USB phone charger

Code: BTIS2614G€7,54 Including VAT / PC

BTicino S3605GE Adapter save-space Corner

Code: BTIS3605GE€3,81 Including VAT / PC

BTicino S3606GE Adapter save-space Corner

Code: BTIS3606GE€3,88 Including VAT / PC

BTicino S3615DE Adapter save-space Corner

Code: BTIS3615DE€4,86 Including VAT / PC

BTicino S3615GE Adapter save-space Corner

Code: BTIS3615GE€4,86 Including VAT / PC

BTicino S3616DE Adapter save-space Corner

Code: BTIS3616DE€4,98 Including VAT / PC

BTicino S3616GE Adapter save-space Corner

Code: BTIS3616GE€4,98 Including VAT / PC

Arteleta 1660.B - Travel adapter

Code: ART1660.B€3,27 Including VAT / PC