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In this section you can find Ledvance SMART + products thanks to which it is possible to create a smart system without additional installations and without gateway, plug & play. Among the Wifi Smart products you can find everything: Spotlights, Ceiling Lights, Bulbs and above all the RGB Led Strips perfect for a desk as a true Nerd! All at a super affordable price and with the great quality of an established brand like Ledvance OSRAM.
You decide how to make home lighting smart: find the right solution for you among the many that LEDVANCE offers you. You can choose the control mode, via app or via voice commands to the smart speaker. Change the way you experience light and discover the infinite possibilities at your disposal: there is no limit to the different atmospheres that you can recreate in the spaces of your home. Get inspired. SMART + solutions contain over 100 years of experience.

Ledvance LUM474604WF - Smart outdoor Flood LED 10W RGB

Code: LDVLUM474604WF€39,92 Including VAT / PC

Ledvance LUM474628WF - Smart outdoor Flood LED 20W RGB

Code: LDVLUM474628WF€47,89 Including VAT / PC

Ledvance LUM474642WF - Smart outdoor Flood LED 30W RGB

Code: LDVLUM474642WF€51,90 Including VAT / PC

Ledvance LUM478077WF - Smart outdoor Cube LED UpDown RGB

Code: LDVLUM478077WF€86,22 Including VAT / PC

Ledvance LUM478312WF - Smart outdoor Flood with camera 24W 3000K

Code: LDVLUM478312WF€199,60 Including VAT / PC

Ledvance LUM486508WF - Circular smart lamp ORBIS d50 50W 3-6500K

Code: LDVLUM486508WF€115,78 Including VAT / PC

Ledvance LUM515932WF - Smart strip LED 2m RGB

Code: LDVLUM515932WF€37,00 Including VAT / PC

Ledvance LUM523838WF - Smart strip LED extension 1m RGB

Code: LDVLUM523838WF€10,65 Including VAT / PC

Ledvance LUM525382WF - Smart Panel LED 60x60 36W 3-6500K

Code: LDVLUM525382WF€107,68 Including VAT / PC

Ledvance LUM525405WF - Smart Panel LED 120x30 36W 3-6500K

Code: LDVLUM525405WF€107,68 Including VAT / PC

Ledvance SMT485372WF - Smart LED bulb A90 9W 27-6500K E27

Code: LDVSMT485372WF€10,16 Including VAT / PC

Ledvance SMT485433WF - Smart LED bulb A75 9.5W 27-6500K E27

Code: LDVSMT485433WF€11,50 Including VAT / PC

Ledvance SMT485495WF - Smart LED bulb A100 14W 27-6500K E27

Code: LDVSMT485495WF€12,77 Including VAT / PC

Ledvance SMT485556WF - Smart LED bulb B40 4.9W 27-6500K E14

Code: LDVSMT485556WF€10,16 Including VAT / PC

Ledvance SMT485570WF - Smart LED bulb B40 4.9W RGB E14

Code: LDVSMT485570WF€11,50 Including VAT / PC

Ledvance SMT485617WF - Smart LED bulb P40 4.9W 27-6500K E14

Code: LDVSMT485617WF€10,16 Including VAT / PC

Ledvance SMT485631WF - Smart LED bulb P40 4.9W RGB E14

Code: LDVSMT485631WF€11,50 Including VAT / PC

Ledvance LUM474604WF - Smart outdoor Flood LED 10W RGB

Code: LDVLUM474604WF€39,92 Including VAT / PC