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Covers and Wiring Devices BTicino MatixGo

BTICINO MATIXGO LINE: Simple, Sustainable, Smart.
MatixGO combines style, sustainability and technology in a single solution. Thanks to its versatility, it adapts to any environment, be it home or office, guaranteeing a smart system within everyone's reach.

The design of MatixGo stands out for its traditional but also innovative shape thanks to its precise and delicate shapes, which add a distinctive element to any space.
Even to the touch MatixGo is characterized by its surface which guarantees a velvety effect to the touch to offer an experience of total comfort. MatixGo then adapts to every project thanks to the choice between the traditional white rocker controls and the smart gray variant with axial controls.

MatixGO is an eco-friendly product, respectful of the environment in all phases, starting from the saving of 24% of CO2 emissions for its production. The entire series uses 27% recycled plastic and a water-based paint finish free of toxic and corrosive elements. It also offers a plate with a 100% compostable organic finish.

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BTicino 28402C - IP55 cover 2 modules - MATIXGO

Code: BTI28402C€2,46 Including VAT / PC

BTicino 28402W - 2-module IP40 box - white - MATIXGO

Code: BTI28402W€2,06 Including VAT / PC

BTicino 28403C - IP55 cover 3 modules - MATIXGO

Code: BTI28403C€3,10 Including VAT / PC

BTicino 28403W - IP40 3-module box - white - MATIXGO

Code: BTI28403W€3,09 Including VAT / PC

BTicino 28410 - Coupler - MATIXGO

Code: BTI28410€1,06 Including VAT / PC

BTicino JA4802JG - 2-module MatixGO cover plate - MATIXGO

Code: BTIJA4802JG€3,50 Including VAT / PC

BTicino JA4802JW - 2-module MatixGO cover plate - MATIXGO

Code: BTIJA4802JW€1,80 Including VAT / PC

BTicino JA4803EA - MATIXGO 3-Module Plate in Aluminium

Code: BTIJA4803EA€2,71 Including VAT / PC

BTicino JA4803EM - MATIXGO 3-Module Plate in Carrara

Code: BTIJA4803EM€2,71 Including VAT / PC

BTicino JA4803EN - MATIXGO 3-Module Plate in Black Nickel

Code: BTIJA4803EN€2,71 Including VAT / PC

BTicino 28402C - IP55 cover 2 modules - MATIXGO

Code: BTI28402C€2,46 Including VAT / PC