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Flush-mounting Switchboards BTicino

This category displays a wide range of C BTicino modular flush-mounted entrals. BTicino currently offers two lines, one in White color called E215 which mounts on the corresponding F215 boxes (sold separately); the other line, semi-transparent smoked, is called F315 and is mounted on the corresponding F315 boxes (sold separately). It is advisable to leave some forms free to allow subsequent extensions without having to change the whole switchboard.

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BTicino E315PS6 - LINEA HABITA flush-mounting switchboard

Code: BTIE315PS6€12,93 Including VAT / PC

BTicino F315P24 - Switchboard LINEA SPACE - 24 modules

Code: BTIF315P24€45,38 Including VAT / PC

BTicino F315PB12 - Switchboard LINEA SPACE - 12 modules

Code: BTIF315PB12€24,69 Including VAT / PC

BTicino F315PB24 - Switchboard LINEA SPACE - 24 modules

Code: BTIF315PB24€45,40 Including VAT / PC

BTicino F315PB36D2 - Switchboard LINEA SPACE - 2x18 modules

Code: BTIF315PB36D2€86,95 Including VAT / PC

BTicino F315PB36D3 - Switchboard LINEA SPACE - 3x12 modules

Code: BTIF315PB36D3€74,97 Including VAT / PC

BTicino F315PB8 - Switchboard LINEA SPACE - 8 modules

Code: BTIF315PB8€13,46 Including VAT / PC

BTicino F315S12 - Flush-mounting box (yellow) 12 modules

Code: BTIF315S12€5,52 Including VAT / PC

BTicino F315S24 - Flush-mounting box 2x12 modules

Code: BTIF315S24€7,57 Including VAT / PC

BTicino F315S36D2 - Flush-mounting box (yellow) 2x18 modules

Code: BTIF315S36D2€11,15 Including VAT / PC

BTicino F315S36D3 - Flush-mounting box (yellow) 3x12 modules

Code: BTIF315S36D3€11,04 Including VAT / PC

BTicino F315S8 - Flush-mounting box (yellow) 8 modules

Code: BTIF315S8€4,73 Including VAT / PC