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LED Goccia

In this section of our catalog the LED products of Goccia Illuminazione for outdoor use are displayed. Mainly from Goccia, we offer the K3 Writer GOCCIA range and the famous GOCCIA QUANTUM. The first range is designed to produce light effects on the walls, the second to illuminate pavements and path markers. For more information on Goccia Illuminazione products contact our Customer Service

Goccia 1091 - K3 Writer LAMA 1 - Lente Convergente

Code: GOC1091€21,32 Including VAT / PC

Goccia 1092 - K3 Writer LAMA Lens for 5 blades

Code: GOC1092€19,90 Including VAT / PC

Goccia 1095 - K3 Writer Sagomatore 30

Code: GOC1095€7,10 Including VAT / PC

Goccia 54203K - Quantum Corpo Lampada LED 1W asimmetrica

Code: GOC54203K€49,75 Including VAT / PC

Goccia 54403K - Quantum Corpo Lampada LED 4,2W simmetrica

Code: GOC54403K€113,00 Including VAT / PC

Goccia 5442OP - Quantum Maschera in Vetro per 5420

Code: GOC5442OP€17,76 Including VAT / PC

Goccia 5443OP - Quantum Maschera in Vetro 5430

Code: GOC5443OP€19,54 Including VAT / PC

Goccia 5444OP - Quantum Maschera in Vetro per 5435

Code: GOC5444OP€21,32 Including VAT / PC

Goccia 5460BI - Quantum Maschera Alluminio Bianco 5420

Code: GOC5460BI€9,23 Including VAT / PC