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Electrical Accessories - Arteleta

This section of our catalog displays the electrical products of Arteleta. Here you can find various spinotters, sensors, and other heterogeneous products. We invite you to contact us without obligation if you have difficulty in finding a product.


Arteleta 1038.S - Volant plug 10 A

Code: ART1038.S€4,78 Including VAT / PC

Arteleta 1148.S - Pipe volant plug 10 A

Code: ART1148.S€4,86 Including VAT / N.

Arteleta 3398.GS - Battery charger for Ni-Cd and Ni-MH

Code: ART3398.GS€19,56 Including VAT / PC

Arteleta 58500 - Lyviadect relè

Code: ART58500€20,48 Including VAT / PC

Arteleta 58534 - PIR motion sensor

Code: ART58534€21,99 Including VAT / PC

Arteleta 58575 - Presence detector

Code: ART58575€20,48 Including VAT / PC

Arteleta 58600 - mini alarm Occhio Vigile

Code: ART58600€19,11 Including VAT / N.

Arteleta 980.S - IEC Volant plug 10 A

Code: ART980.S€3,65 Including VAT / N.

Arteleta 991.EUP - Power supply 600mA

Code: ART991.EUP€11,50 Including VAT / N.

Arteleta 992.EUP - Power supply 1500mA

Code: ART992.EUP€18,90 Including VAT / N.

Arteleta 997.EUP - Power supply 1000mA

Code: ART997.EUP€13,61 Including VAT / N.

Arteleta AS.14 - Wireless portable chime

Code: ARTAS.14€29,43 Including VAT / PC

Arteleta CP.63 - Dummy Security camera

Code: ARTCP.63€30,89 Including VAT / PC

Arteleta GW.2003 - Ultraspot Rechargeable led lamp

Code: ARTGW.2003€31,54 Including VAT / PC

Arteleta HL032 - LED Night Light with twilight sensor

Code: ARTHL032€4,55 Including VAT / N.

Arteleta HL037 - ON/OFF switch LED Night Light

Code: ARTHL037€4,32 Including VAT / N.

Arteleta 1038.S - Volant plug 10 A

Code: ART1038.S€4,78 Including VAT / PC