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TV Antennas - Offel

In this category you will find a range of Fracarro antennas. Fracarro antennas are designed for multiple types of signals: you can find VHF antennas, combined antennas, and UHF antennas. The experience and technological preparation acquired in over 75 years of history make Fracarro the undisputed protagonist in the design and production of antennas, both terrestrial and satellite. Available in a complete range, Fracarro antennas are unique in quality and performance. They have robust mechanics, excellent materials, careful finishes and excellent electrical characteristics, which make them perfect for digital terrestrial. To enrich the catalog even more, two antennas from the well-known Sigma series and the new, completely renewed antennas from the BLU and BLU PLUS series, designed to offer even greater performance with a unique design, also the classic Yagi antennas.

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Offel 11-062 - Satellite Dish 65cm

Code: OFE11-062€55,45 Including VAT / PC

Offel 11-074 - Offset Steel Dish PO 80 F/R

Code: OFE11-074€46,91 Including VAT / PC

Offel 11-078 - Satellite Dish 85cm

Code: OFE11-078€73,60 Including VAT / PC

Offel 13-175 - Single LNB

Code: OFE13-175€5,62 Including VAT / PC

Offel 13-205 - LNB dCSS WHITE 16 users

Code: OFE13-205€37,89 Including VAT / PC

Offel 13-227 - LNB Twin 2 out

Code: OFE13-227€8,97 Including VAT / PC

Offel 13-247 - LNB QUAD with 4 independent outputs

Code: OFE13-247€15,31 Including VAT / PC

Offel 21-305 - R40 5G UHF antenna

Code: OFE21-305€35,26 Including VAT / PC

Offel 21-352 - Logarithmic Antenna 15 elements

Code: OFE21-352€24,98 Including VAT / PC

Offel 11-062 - Satellite Dish 65cm

Code: OFE11-062€55,45 Including VAT / PC