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In this category you will find a heterogeneous range of articles. All products that do not fall into the main categories have been included here. For example, you can find collar clamps, wall cable clamps, flying switches, grounding poles, telescopic poles, and much more. If you have difficulty finding a product you are looking for, contact Customer Service for assistance

Arnocanali 2525G - Grey well box 25x25cm

Code: ARN2525G€27,76 Including VAT / N.

Arnocanali 2525R - Red well box 25x25cm

Code: ARN2525R€28,49 Including VAT / N.

Arnocanali 2525V - Green well box 25x25cm

Code: ARN2525V€27,76 Including VAT / N.

Arnocanali 534LO-2 - DIN guide with holes 32x15

Code: ARN534LO-2€4,00 Including VAT / LM

Arnocanali 536-2 - DIN guide 35x7,5

Code: ARN536-2€2,31 Including VAT / LM

Arnocanali DC01 - Equipotential shaft collar

Code: ARNDC01€0,84 Including VAT / PC

Arnocanali DC112 - Equipotential shaft collar

Code: ARNDC112€0,98 Including VAT / PC

Arnocanali DC114 - Equipotential shaft collar 

Code: ARNDC114€0,91 Including VAT / PC

Arnocanali DC12 - Equipotential shaft collar

Code: ARNDC12€0,69 Including VAT / PC

Arnocanali DC34 - Equipotential shaft collar

Code: ARNDC34€0,80 Including VAT / PC

Arnocanali GSM030 - Insulating gel 350g

Code: ARNGSM030€28,49 Including VAT / PC

Arnocanali GSM1 - Insulating gel 800g

Code: ARNGSM1€65,03 Including VAT / PC

Arnocanali 536LO-2 - DIN guide with holes

Code: ARN536LO-2€2,31 Including VAT / LM

Arnocanali 537LO-2 - DIN guide with holes

Code: ARN537LO-2€3,70 Including VAT / LM

Arnocanali 2525G - Grey well box 25x25cm

Code: ARN2525G€27,76 Including VAT / N.