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Electrical Tape

This category displays the products of the 3M Italia brand. The main items shown here are insulating tapes but you can also find vulcanizing tapes, heat shrink tubing and lubricating liquids. For further information on this type of article, 3M Italia contact Customer Service.

3M 7000035346 - 3M Scotchcast Resin 40 200ml

Code: 3MI7000035346€30,67 Including VAT / N.

3M 7000035347 - 3M Scotchcast Resin 40 370ml

Code: 3MI7000035347€51,13 Including VAT / N.

BM ESB1510BI - Insulating tape 10X15 WHITE

Code: BMMESB1510BI€0,47 Including VAT / PC

BM ESB1510BL - Insulating Tape 10X15 BLUE

Code: BMMESB1510BL€0,47 Including VAT / PC

BM ESB1510GI - Insulating Tape 10X15 YELLOW

Code: BMMESB1510GI€0,47 Including VAT / PC

BM ESB1510GR - Insulating tape 10X15 GRAY

Code: BMMESB1510GR€0,47 Including VAT / PC

BM ESB1510GV - Insulating tape 10X15 YELLOW/GREEN

Code: BMMESB1510GV€0,47 Including VAT / PC

BM ESB1510NE - Insulating Tape 10X15 BLACK

Code: BMMESB1510NE€0,47 Including VAT / PC

BM ESB1510RO - Insulating tape 10X15 RED

Code: BMMESB1510RO€0,47 Including VAT / PC

BM ESB1510VE - Insulating Tape 10X15 GREEN

Code: BMMESB1510VE€0,47 Including VAT / PC

BM ESB1525GR - Insulating tape 25X15 GRAY

Code: BMMESB1525GR€0,92 Including VAT / PC

BM ESB1525NE - Insulating Tape 25X15 BLACK

Code: BMMESB1525NE€0,92 Including VAT / PC

BM ESB1925BI - Insulating tape 25X19 WHITE

Code: BMMESB1925BI€1,09 Including VAT / PC

BM ESB1925BL - Insulating Tape 25X19 BLUE

Code: BMMESB1925BL€1,09 Including VAT / PC

BM ESB1925GR - Insulating Tape 25X19 GRAY

Code: BMMESB1925GR€1,09 Including VAT / PC

BM ESB1925NE - Insulating Tape 25X19 BLACK

Code: BMMESB1925NE€1,09 Including VAT / PC

BM ESB2525BI - Insulating tape 25X25 WHITE

Code: BMMESB2525BI€1,52 Including VAT / PC

BM ESB2525GR - 25X25 Gray Insulating Tape

Code: BMMESB2525GR€1,52 Including VAT / PC

3M 7000035346 - 3M Scotchcast Resin 40 200ml

Code: 3MI7000035346€30,67 Including VAT / N.