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Fluorescent lamps LEDVANCE

In this category you can find the main fluorescent lamps from OSRAM. In the catalog there are many types of energy saving lamps, with numerous attacks and wattages. There are fluorescent lamps with a classic, twisted, circular shape and also of other types. For more information on Osram lighting products contact our Customer Service

Ledvance DD13827 - Fluorescent lamp G24d-1 13W 2700K

Code: LDVDD13827€6,37 Including VAT / PC

Ledvance DD13840 - Fluorescent lamp G24d-1 13W 4000K

Code: LDVDD13840€7,32 Including VAT / N.

Ledvance DD18827 - Fluorescent lamp G24d-2 18W 2700K

Code: LDVDD18827€6,37 Including VAT / N.

Ledvance DD18830 - Fluorescent lamp G24d-2 18W 3000K

Code: LDVDD18830€7,32 Including VAT / N.

Ledvance DD18840 - Fluorescent lamp G24d-2 18W 4000K

Code: LDVDD18840€6,37 Including VAT / N.

Ledvance DD26827 - Fluorescent lamp G24d-3 26W 2700K

Code: LDVDD26827€7,32 Including VAT / N.

Ledvance DD26830  - Fluorescent lamp G24d-3 26W 3000K

Code: LDVDD26830€7,32 Including VAT / N.

Ledvance DD26840 - Fluorescent lamp G24d-3 26W 4000K

Code: LDVDD26840€6,37 Including VAT / N.

Ledvance DDE18827 - Dulux DE G24Q-2 18W 2700K

Code: LDVDDE18827€5,79 Including VAT / PC

Ledvance DDE18830 - Dulux DE G24Q-2 18W 3000K

Code: LDVDDE18830€6,37 Including VAT / PC

Ledvance DDE18840 - Dulux DE G24Q-2 18W 4000K

Code: LDVDDE18840€7,32 Including VAT / PC

Ledvance DDE26830 - Fluorescent lamp G24Q-3 26W 3000K

Code: LDVDDE26830€7,32 Including VAT / PC

Ledvance DDE26840 - Fluorescent lamp G24Q-3 26W 4000K

Code: LDVDDE26840€6,37 Including VAT / PC

Ledvance DL18830 - Fluorescent lamp 2G11 18W 3000K

Code: LDVDL18830€7,07 Including VAT / N.

Ledvance DL18840 - Fluorescent lamp 2G11 18W 4000K

Code: LDVDL18840€7,07 Including VAT / N.

Ledvance DL24840 - Fluorescent lamp 2G11 24W 4000K

Code: LDVDL24840€7,07 Including VAT / N.

Ledvance DL55830 - Fluorescent lamp 2G11 55W 3000K

Code: LDVDL55830€9,20 Including VAT / PC

Ledvance DL55840 - Fluorescent lamp 2G11 55W 4000K

Code: LDVDL55840€9,20 Including VAT / PC

Ledvance DS11827 - Fluorescent lamp 2G23 11W 2700K

Code: LDVDS11827€4,66 Including VAT / N.

Ledvance DD13827 - Fluorescent lamp G24d-1 13W 2700K

Code: LDVDD13827€6,37 Including VAT / PC