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Cable Reels

All the cable reels in the catalog are displayed in this category. There are available cable reels without wiring, which you can combine with your own cable at will, or you can buy a cable reel already equipped with cables and sockets. The cable reels already equipped with cabling are available with cables of various types and lengths. We invite you to contact us without obligation if you have difficulty in finding a product.

Fanton 01350 - PUMA cable reel Ø 245 mm. cable 15 m

Code: FME01350€69,62 Including VAT / N.

Fanton 01351 - PUMA cable reel Ø 245 mm. cable 20 m

Code: FME01351€82,02 Including VAT / N.

Fanton 01906 - Spare wired disc Ø 145 mm

Code: FME01906€26,60 Including VAT / N.

Tecnel A300C - Electronic transformer IP65 100-300W

Code: TCNA300C€40,87 Including VAT / PC

Tecnel MDR60 - 24Vdc 60W dimmer power supply

Code: TCNMDR60€73,40 Including VAT / N.

Tecnel T105K - Electronic transformer IP40 35-105W

Code: TCNT105K€16,67 Including VAT / PC

Tecnel T150 - Electronic transformer IP40 50-150W

Code: TCNT150€27,09 Including VAT / PC

Tecnel T210 - Electronic transformer IP40 75-210W

Code: TCNT210€35,74 Including VAT / PC