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Covers and Wiring Devices Vimar 8000

The Vimar 8000 control sockets are the correspondent of the BTicino Magic series. The 8000 series also goes back to the 70s and 80s and incorporates retro and minimal lines. The materials are of excellent quality, very resistant to wear. The color is creamy white. These plates are particularly suitable for rustic environments and country houses, but the uses as usual are endless and depend on personal tastes. The Vimar 8000 series has its specific support and produces plates with various numbers of modules, therefore care must be taken when purchasing. The box, on the other hand, is the normal built-in version for civil series. It's up to you to choose the socket or control that best suits your tastes and needs

Vimar 08000 - 1P 10AX 1-way switch

Code: VIW08000€4,21 Including VAT / N.

Vimar 08004 - 1P 10AX 2-way switch

Code: VIW08004€5,57 Including VAT / N.

Vimar 08013 - 1P 16AX reversing switch

Code: VIW08013€16,60 Including VAT / N.

Vimar 08016 - 2P 16AX 1-way switch

Code: VIW08016€15,45 Including VAT / N.

Vimar 08037 - 1P 10AX 1-way switch luminous

Code: VIW08037€10,71 Including VAT / N.

Vimar 08038 - 1P 10AX 2-way switch luminous

Code: VIW08038€12,27 Including VAT / N.

Vimar 08065.10 - 1P+N C10 circuit breaker 120-230V

Code: VIW08065.10€81,03 Including VAT / PC

Vimar 08065.16 - 1P+N C16 circuit breaker 120-230V

Code: VIW08065.16€86,60 Including VAT / N.

Vimar 08140 - 2P+E 10A P11 outlet

Code: VIW08140€6,13 Including VAT / N.

Vimar 08145 - 2P+E 16A P17/11 outlet

Code: VIW08145€7,56 Including VAT / N.

Vimar 08190.01 - TV-RD-SAT single conn.male outlet 1dB

Code: VIW08190.01€20,78 Including VAT / N.

Vimar 08190.10 - TV-RD-SAT through-line male outlet 10dB

Code: VIW08190.10€28,25 Including VAT / PC

Vimar 08215 - RJ11 phone jack 6/4

Code: VIW08215€22,36 Including VAT / N.

Vimar 08235 - 1P NO 10A push button general symbol

Code: VIW08235€5,60 Including VAT / N.

Vimar 08270 - 1P NO 10A cord-operated push button

Code: VIW08270€14,62 Including VAT / N.

Vimar 08306 - Red indicator unit

Code: VIW08306€8,13 Including VAT / N.

Vimar 08319 - Blank module - standard module

Code: VIW08319€2,29 Including VAT / N.

Vimar 08346 - 12V 50Hz bell

Code: VIW08346€27,72 Including VAT / N.

Vimar 08000 - 1P 10AX 1-way switch

Code: VIW08000€4,21 Including VAT / N.