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Video Security Urmet

In this category you will find Video Surveillance products by Urmet . Urmet has innovated the video surveillance sector by introducing the "URMET CLOUD" range, that is, a range of products for wireless wireless video surveillance . With Urmet Cloud you can install a real video surveillance system in minutes, at low cost, at home, in the office, in the shop or in the company. Just buy an Urmet Cloud camera and connect it to your Wi-Fi network to immediately view images from PC, smartphone or tablet also remotely, through the Urmet Cloud portal from a PC or via the app for Iphone and Android. With Urmet Cloud you can better protect the security of your places, your things and your loved ones, checking every minute what happens. In the event of an alarm, you receive a notification on your smartphone. Urmet Cloud is a complete and flexible system that adapts to your needs. You can always add as many cameras as you want and control them through your user profile. Urmet Cloud offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor cameras. All are equipped with wi-fi antenna to connect to a common Wi-Fi network.

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Urmet 1090/836 - 4 BNC screw connector set

Code: UTD1090/836€12,43 Including VAT / PC

Urmet 1090/840 - Camera power cable with 90° connector

Code: UTD1090/840€10,11 Including VAT / PC

Urmet 1090/850 - Power unit 230 Vac - 15 Vdc - 12 Vdc

Code: UTD1090/850€73,07 Including VAT / PC

Urmet 1092/300A - Passive balun Tx/Rx

Code: UTD1092/300A€15,28 Including VAT / PC

Urmet 1092/801 - 230Vac- 12Vdc - 1200mA Plug-in power unit

Code: UTD1092/801€11,38 Including VAT / PC

Urmet 1090/836 - 4 BNC screw connector set

Code: UTD1090/836€12,43 Including VAT / PC