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Phone System Urmet

All Urmet office telephones are displayed in this category. Urmet has proposed a series of very interesting articles for offices, telegoni with a large number of functions, more or less complex depending on the model. We start from the TOP of the range that use the "Pabx" digital system patented by Urmet, up to the simpler and cheaper DOMO. For more information on Urmet's office telephones contact our Customer Service


Urmet 1332/51 - Kit Citofono da tavolo

Code: UTD1332/51€11,39 Including VAT / PC

Urmet 1332/86 - Filtro Alimentazione per Citofoni

Code: UTD1332/86€74,94 Including VAT / PC

Urmet 1372/2 - Scheda espansione 1 Linea analogica Agora

Code: UTD1372/2€53,84 Including VAT / PC

Urmet 1372/3 - Scheda espansione 1 derivato Agora

Code: UTD1372/3€28,99 Including VAT / PC

Urmet 1372/312 - Centrale Telefonica 1/4 Espandibile Agora

Code: UTD1372/312€264,49 Including VAT / PC

Urmet 1372/55 - Scheda interfaccia 1+n

Code: UTD1372/55€97,38 Including VAT / PC

Urmet 1372/56 - Interfaccia citofonica sistemi 4+n Agora

Code: UTD1372/56€92,24 Including VAT / PC

Urmet 1372/57 filtro ADSL Agora

Code: UTD1372/57€24,73 Including VAT / PC

Urmet 1732/91 - Staffa monitor Scaitel

Code: UTD1732/91€43,49 Including VAT / N.

Urmet 2841/1 - Suoneria Badenia a Campanda 60V 120mm

Code: UTD2841/1€64,11 Including VAT / N.

Urmet 4058/14 - Telefono da ufficio

Code: UTD4058/14€72,19 Including VAT / PC

Urmet 4093/1 - Telefono Base Domo Antracite

Code: UTD4093/1€34,91 Including VAT / N.

Urmet 1332/51 - Kit Citofono da tavolo

Code: UTD1332/51€11,39 Including VAT / PC