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Video door entry system Urmet

Urmet video door phones are among the best in the category, certainly appreciated by installers for simplicity and quality. Urmet offers a wide range of solutions; leaving aside the analog video intercoms (the old 4 + n wires) there are currently two digital video intercom systems: "Urmet 2Voice" and "Urmet IperVoice". Urmet 2Voice is the system with 2 non-polarized wires, best performing in the category: free intercom, dual input management, open door check, switchboard, control cameras viewable from video door phone monitor. With 2 non-polarized wires everywhere installation is quick and simple. The Urmet AIKO and Urmet MIRO indoor stations guarantee a very high design, for the outdoor stations various solutions are available such as SINTHESI Stell or S2. 2Voice is ideal for Villas, Renovations and Complexes up to 4096 Users IperVoice is the integrated system on IP technology with CAT5 / 5e / 6 UTP cable or optical fiber that does not no limit of extension and users. The Urmet MODO, Urmet AIKO and Urmet SINGO indoor stations can be combined with various outdoor stations such as SINTHESI Stell or S2. With IperVoice you can also control video surveillance, anti-intrusion, access and lift control, switchboard also with VoIP terminal. No limit in the number of users, risers, switchboards, conversations. Ideal for large residential complexes with high demands

Please note that for Urmet it offers many possibilities for customizing the systems, for more detailed information or to request a quote contact our Customer Service


Urmet 1083/20A - System power supply unit 230V

Code: UTD1083/20A€164,48 Including VAT / PC

Urmet 1083/50 - Column interface 2VOICE

Code: UTD1083/50€221,12 Including VAT / PC

Urmet 1083/55 - 4-user distributor

Code: UTD1083/55€35,32 Including VAT / PC

Urmet 1083/75 - Entry panel interface

Code: UTD1083/75€468,85 Including VAT / PC

Urmet 1083/80 - 2Voice special decoder

Code: UTD1083/80€179,77 Including VAT / PC

Urmet 1083/94 - 2VOICE system cable 100meters

Code: UTD1083/94€157,30 Including VAT / PC

Urmet 1750/1 - Mìro video doorphone for 2Voice system

Code: UTD1750/1€195,97 Including VAT / PC

Urmet 1783/724 - Alpha, audio/video system base kit

Code: UTD1783/724€336,61 Including VAT / PC