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E-Mobility ABB


ABB offers a wide range of Augmented Mobility products. The Swiss multinational focuses heavily on electricity, in fact it was one of the first companies to produce charging solutions for electric vehicles and has invested, and is continuing to invest, a lot in this sector. It is no coincidence that new branches continue to flourish in Italy and around the world for the design and production of columns and wallboxes. In addition, ABB is also the main sponsor of the Formula E world championship. ABB increases the possibilities related to electricity: not only charging for private cars, but also company fleets, commercial vehicles, road transport, urban and suburban buses and coaches. With ABB, you can build the entire charging infrastructure for any electric vehicle. A single partner, for all solutions. The attention paid by ABB to the efficient use of electricity also extends to sustainable mobility, with Augmented Mobility: a proposal for alternating and direct current charging systems, which ensure simplicity and flexibility of use, at the highest levels safety and reliability in electric vehicle recharging operations in every area, from private cars, to corporate fleets, to commercial vehicles, to road transport, to the network of urban and extra-urban buses and coaches. Augmented Mobility is safe, integrated and connected, like other ABB solutions for the home and buildings that ensure maximum comfort, energy efficiency, safety and environmental sustainability. Do not hesitate to contact us to request personalized quotes with ABB's electric vehicle charging stations.