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Halogen Lamps LEDVANCE

In this category you can find all OSRAM Halogen Lamps. Halogen lamps are available in many sizes and wattages, this is because they are currently the cheapest product on the market, and there is always a great demand for cheap products. In addition to this, Halogen Lamps are a type of lamp that produces a huge amount of light, with the resulting electricity consumption. In the catalog there are halogen plug-in lamps with reflector, those that are almost always found in recessed spotlights; there is also a huge choice of R7s halogen lamps and infinite classic bulbs of the most common shapes (round, flame, tortiglione, olive, etc.). For more information on Osram lighting products contact our Customer Service

Ledvance H41835FL - Halogen lamp AR111 50W 12V        

Code: LDVH41835FL€9,99 Including VAT / PC

Ledvance H41840WFL - Halogen lamp AR111 75W 12V    

Code: LDVH41840WFL€9,99 Including VAT / PC

Ledvance H41900SP - Halogen lamp GY4 20W 12V 

Code: LDVH41900SP€10,44 Including VAT / N.

Ledvance H44860WFL - Halogen lamp GU5.3 20W 12V

Code: LDVH44860WFL€1,33 Including VAT / N.

Ledvance H44865WFL - Halogen lamp GU5.3 35W 12V

Code: LDVH44865WFL€1,33 Including VAT / N.

Ledvance H44870WFL - Halogen lamp GU5.3 50W 12V

Code: LDVH44870WFL€1,33 Including VAT / N.

Ledvance H44888WFL - Halogen lamp GU4 10W 12V

Code: LDVH44888WFL€2,46 Including VAT / PC

Ledvance H44890WFL - Halogen lamp GU4 20W 12V

Code: LDVH44890WFL€2,46 Including VAT / N.

Ledvance H44892WFL - Halogen lamp GU5.3 35W 12V

Code: LDVH44892WFL€2,46 Including VAT / PC

Ledvance H48860WFLECO - Halogen lamp GU5.3 20W 12V

Code: LDVH48860WFLECO€5,24 Including VAT / PC

Ledvance H48865WFLECO - Halogen lamp GU5.3 35W 12V

Code: LDVH48865WFLECO€5,24 Including VAT / PC

Ledvance H48870WFLECO - Halogen lamp GU5.3 50W 12V

Code: LDVH48870WFLECO€5,24 Including VAT / PC

Ledvance H64432SG2 - Halogen lamp 35W 12V GY6.35

Code: LDVH64432SG2€1,58 Including VAT / PC

Ledvance H64440SG2 - Halogen lamp 50W 12V

Code: LDVH64440SG2€1,36 Including VAT / N.

Ledvance H41835FL - Halogen lamp AR111 50W 12V        

Code: LDVH41835FL€9,99 Including VAT / PC